The Zone Ambassador Program

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A Message from Dr. Barry Sears:

I want to personally invite you to consider becoming a Zone Ambassador. As an Ambassador you can help educate others on the anti-inflammatory benefits of reaching the Zone through Pro-Resolution Nutrition, and in the process potentially reduce the cost of the Zone Labs products you use to zero.

How It Works

The Zone Ambassador program is exclusively for our Zone Advantage customers. There is no obligation to become a Zone Ambassador. As a Zone Ambassador, you are given your own FREE personal URL to direct your personally referred contacts, where they can initially order their products. Once a person orders through your unique URL, they are indefinitely linked to you. This linkage is maintained even if they purchase their future products through our home page, our call center, or become Zone Advantage customers themselves.

Every time they purchase Zone products, you will receive a 10 percent commission on their purchases. Our goal is to provide you the commissionable income to reduce the expense of your purchases of Zone products, thereby improving your future personal state of wellness. Ideally, the eventual cost of your Zone products can become FREE by merely educating others.

You are not alone in this educational process to others. Using our password-protected site, we will provide you with a continuous flow of new video blogs, research presentations, and research articles on the power of our Zone Pro-Resolution Nutrition technology that you can share with your friends. That’s why our tagline is “Evidence-Based Wellness®.”

Furthermore, that same password-protected Zone Ambassador website has discussion groups on an extensive group of topics to provide you and other Zone Ambassadors detailed answers to your health questions. There are also monthly video conference calls to address the most recent medical research and answer your questions. I strongly feel that the more educated you are on the power of optimizing your internal Resolution Response, the more likely you can help others to do likewise.

All revolutions start one person at a time. The understanding of how the Zone Pro-Resolution Nutrition program controls the Resolution Response is one such revolution. I hope you consider becoming a Zone Ambassador. If you are interested in becoming a Zone Ambassador, please fill out an application on the following page. Simply complete the form and mail or fax it back to us.

I look forward to a fascinating journey with you to help improve health care in America.

Sincerely yours,


Dr. Barry Sears

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