What is the Zone Ambassador Program?

As a Zone customer, we know you have a passion for reaching your own health and nutrition goals. Zone Advantage customers have taken the further step of making sure they are continually taking Zone products. The more successful you personally are following the Zone program, the better positioned you are to help your family and friends achieve their personal wellness goals. This is why Zone Advantage customers are eligible to become Ambassadors. As a Zone Ambassador, you can:

  • Use your personal knowledge of anti-inflammatory nutrition to help your family and friends improve their wellness.
  • Reduce the price of your own Zone products by earning commissions on the sales from personally referred individuals.

What can I expect by becoming a Zone Ambassador?

The best benefit of being a Zone Ambassadors is helping others. In addition, Zone Ambassadors will earn a 10% commission on the sales from referred customers. Once a customer makes a purchase that is attributed to you through your own Zone Ambassador URL, you will receive commissions for those sales as long as you remain a Zone Advantage customer.

The only requirement toward becoming a Zone Ambassador is that you are a Zone Advantage customer yourself. Why is that a requirement? We want to assure that our Zone Ambassadors are actively engaged using Zone products themselves.

How does the Zone Ambassador Program work?

  1. Apply– It's free, and there are no obligations.
  2. Get Approved– Once approved, new Zone Ambassadors will be provided with a custom URL that they can direct customers to. Once a customer purchases from this link, that sale and any future sales will be permanently linked to the Zone Ambassador so they may receive commissions or future orders.
  3. Access Your Account – Log in to 'Your Account' to access tools that can help educate you and your prospective customers about Zone products.
  4. Refer friends and family– Whether through email, social media, or word-of-mouth, you can send your friends and family to your personal URL so they may purchase Zone products.
  5. Monitor referred sales– Log in to 'Your Account' to track sales from those you've referred.
  6. Receive commission each month– Receive a commission check each month you have earnings greater than $5. You can use those earnings to offset the cost of your own Zone products!

Note: Due to international distribution agreements, you must be a resident of the United States to become a Zone Ambassador.

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